My heart has always been with Japanese nostalgic rides. I don’t know what it is but oldschool to me is more than just a car, it has soul and a lot more character to tell you the truth.

Here with have Angelo’s 1973 Mazda RX-3, don’t let this OG fool you because it’s packing. With 500+ rotary horsepower and thats de-tuned for street driving. So what ever happens don’t let it be unleashed! Let’s just say it’ll be close to 1000+ Hp when provoked. That is some Super Saiyan stuff!

This beast is also a site to see, the dark blueish purplish paint shines that it stops you and will make you stare at it, you will definitely admire the pure details Angelo has put in to his RX-3. I hope to shoot his other dream machines someday. Well, enjoy the gallery and make sure to share it to the masses that oldskool is cool.

If you notice I love shooting the backend.
Mmm yummy Epsilons.

This is a hint for you to not mess with it.

The Heart of the Beast!


13B REW streetport that’s been blue printed and balanced with 1/2″ chrome molly studs by VB Rotorsports.

Custom T72 Turbo.

Car was de-tuned for street driving at 19PSI by Daniel Kuo of Garage Life.

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