When I first saw Jon’s Version 2 Z33 I was speechless! I thought for a second he got another Z33, but it was the same car for when I first met Jon. His Z has totally transformed from the previous build.

The time has come for me to reveal the V2 Z33 and with that said please take your time to admire the beauty and all the hard work Jon and his team had put in to create what Jon had visioned.

I was surprised and honored when Jon asked me to do the reveal for him and so, here is are some photos I have prepared for him. As for plans for future contents for the Z33? Yes plenty, so stay tuned for that.

So enjoy and make sure to give it a like and a share, I would appreciate it. Also, give Jon some love and follow him. www.instagram.com/js_z33 .

Thank you!

This shot is so sexy! Don’t you think so?
The new body lines are smooth..
Jon’s favorite, the frontal!
Stanced very well.
…but that rear end tho! Omg!
Look at how wide those Toyo Tires are!
Like a glove!!
My favorite part would be the front fenders!
Ahhh Sunsets…
The new color scheme and how it shifts from blurple to purblue!
Side profile at its finest!
Another meat angle.
This is such a nice angle.
Slammed and can full-lock!
At night, it is a magnificent art!

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