I can’t find the words that describes Joel’s Hakosuka (box skyline). Every angle, every lighting any background this beauty just shines, you can’t get enough of it. You have to see it up close to really admire it. In this Gallery I have a few photos I took when I had the chance to go with them. Joel invited me along with his nephew Colin and for my surprise he told me the one and only Larry Chen was there to feature Joel’s Skyline, I told myself I won’t miss this opportunity.

We arrived at the venue after a long drive up the canyons. Man, it was freezing cold even tho I had three layers of clothing plus a jacket. Anyways, as Larry and Joel were preparing, I was busy getting a little bit warmer by doing jumping jacks and a little bit of jogging.

The sunset was perfect as it goes going down behind the mountains and so I quickly grabbed my camera and started shooting, getting as much photos as I can because it was getting dark and cold fast.

This year was a blast! Meeting great and awesome people and awesome rides! I just want to say thank you to each and everyone of you for all of your support and words of wisdom. I won’t stop learning to give you guys awesome content. “Never miss an opportunity.”

Till next year! Cheers!

www.instagram.com/jt_built go follow Joel!

www.instagram.com/larry_chen_foto the legend!!

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