On the 7th of January 2017 marks my very first automotive gathering of enthusiasts. Focusing particularly on S2000’s and Nsx’s, but shortly, a few different makes and models of cars starts flocking in the venue.

The Honda S2000 and the NSX is one of my favorites, with their sexy lines an aggressive fascia and above all, the performance and reliability that make them an exhilarating machines.4w3a5204With an abundant of third-party support, it’s no surprise that each person is awakened to be different in any possible way or in some, just enjoy it the way it is. Some like stanced and some like the track look (race-car)  just to mention a few. 4w3a52854w3a5261With all the individualities and styles that was present, I have no excuse being trigger happy at the gathering.

All in all, I hope for another gathering like this happening ever so often. For some, it’s a gateway or an outlet from our endeavours in life. Bringing and gathering all with the same interests and passion, meeting new people, sharing and honing ones knowledge. This is the lifestyle some choose and be part of the culture.

For the most part, it was a good turn-out. Here are some of my shots covering this nice- vibes of a meet. Enjoy.4w3a53374w3a52584w3a5266This Origin equipped Silvia is so nice it made me think if I should slap a body kit on mine aswell. Hopefully when it’s finally “finished” I can someday do an insight and share this beautiful machine.4w3a5268A rare sight. Integra Type R4w3a52954w3a5298With its HKS themed livery makes this s2000 a one of a kind above the rest. 4w3a53024w3a53054w3a5320This cool Eunos Roadster is cool and simple, cool owner too.4w3a5310This S2000 is on another level, over 9000! I love it. Even tho I don’t know what the japanese character says, it looks sugoi!4w3a5321Track inspired S2000 with its wide fenders and an aggressive wheel fitment means business.4w3a51724w3a53224w3a5324The Honda NSX is one of my dream cars, hopefully owning one someday. Nothing to say, just look and stare at it.4w3a53264w3a5328lady driven black S2 with volk racing CE28 wheels. 4w3a53414w3a5334With a very nice set of TE37 wheels makes this civic charming.4w3a53044w3a52494w3a53384w3a52804w3a52114w3a52084w3a51994w3a51904w3a5195This KIA surely turned heads, nicely done.4w3a5247Another gorgeous NSX to lighten up your day.4w3a52454w3a52434w3a5224And Godzilla showed up. 4w3a52184w3a52064w3a52014w3a52004w3a51974w3a52544w3a51924w3a51844w3a51824w3a52554w3a51804w3a51774w3a5174Spoon fed.4w3a5292Making people smile by spreading love, peace and knowledge, I know or we all know that it is all that matters.



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