Only one word could describe this event “revelry” or should I say beautiful chaos so to speak. I don’t usually go to car meets but this one in particular I just have to go since it was organized by well known names in the automotive industry and the biggest car event in the beginning of 2017.

With so many cars flocking in and filling up the open parking spaces at the venue, people took it to the streets and parked at the median, creating a maze of cars all through out the area which is lovely to see.

I was short of time and had to rush and go through all the cars that caught my eye. With classics, exotics, and race cars alike I had one goal, to capture the culture, styles and the individuality of everyone all coming together to share one common interest. I met up with my teammates and had a little chat and off I go shooting as much as I can.

We all know what happens to a car meet, expect the unexpected. Surely enough there were a handful of individuals that got there ego in the way and unfortunately it escalated quite quickly. I know showing off is cool but don’t over do it. 

Non the less, it turned out to be a great car meet. Seeing smiles, laughter, kids having fun and everyone in general were having a great time, Getting to know new people, sharing opinions negatives and positives, to me thats all that mattered. I left the event pretty happy but I wished I stayed longer and shot more cars.

Enjoy guys!

This (AW11) Supercharged Toyota MR2 was a lovely sight.Lambo Track inspired. The diffusers are just simply insane!

A very clean red Nissan Silvia (s14)You don’t see a clean 3000gt very often, very nice.One of the wildest Nissan Juke I’ve seen. So edgy.Clean MR2, Just wheels and suspension work from what I see. This Benz is on another level.Gojira with a nicely schemed wrap.The Corolla.drift missile Nissan Silvia (S13)wicked wheel setup in this Lambo.Not your typical AUDI.Super clean Nissan Z31.Jovi’s beautiful Mitsubishi Evolution X.Rowie’s Evo X equipped with the new Advan Racing RG-II wheels.Attack ready Kouki S14.Seems like this Laguna Seca NSX  needs its own meet. Cool.Save the Zenkis. Clean.I guess he needs to air out.Bippu status Lexus. Spoon Sports Integra. What it says, with a clean Blitz 03. A meet is not complete with an awesome Mazda RX7 (FD3s)Showstopper Hakosuka.This 911 equipped with BBS wheels just defines motorsport elegance.Black on Black Silvia.What a sight. Nissan R34 Skyline GTR.Team Emperor Motorsports. Represent.

Crowd drive-thru.Ray’s Evo IX from Team Emperor Motorsports, I did an insight a while back of this beauty. Check it out.I don’t mind dropping off the kids from this nicely done Lexus NX.Mclaren P1. A Deity. S14 Silvia Equipped with a rare set of Advan Racing RA3-dt wheels. (This is my car by the way)Thank you for the Sponsors that made this event happen. Until next time.

-Bonds X Sights

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