On one gloomy Sunday afternoon, a gathering of automotive enthusiasts came together for a little BBQ located on a Mechanic Shop and it was delightful. As I pulled in, my view was overburdened with greatness, I felt like I traveled back in time. Since I am a JDM classic car enthusiast the nostalgic aura is just too strong, time slowed down and I just simply appreciate and feeling the goodvibes.

Well here it is, enjoy.

Note: I will be updating and adding more photos in the future.


Such a beauty. Toyota Corona.4w3a45294w3a45314w3a4513

This Z tho.4w3a44824w3a44774w3a4471

Dennis’s Mitsubishi Lancer, very nicely done.4w3a44444w3a42884w3a4424

This MR2 is rocking some Work Equips. Classic.4w3a4421

Seeing this minty TE makes me want to get one again.4w3a44184w3a4417

This Sunny pulled up and the rest is history. Such a sight.4w3a44114w3a4409

Leo’s RX3 equipped with SSRs.4w3a4393

The one and only Integra Boys, super clean cant complain.4w3a43904w3a4388

Very beautiful BMW 2002.4w3a4380

Angelo’s Rotary beast RX3. Sugoi!4w3a43764w3a43714w3a43674w3a43594w3a43554w3a43524w3a4350

RHD RX3 with an Equalizer stereo system, now thats very cool.4w3a43464w3a4343

This Mitsubishi Delica is a rare sight indeed, beautiful. I would’nt mind owning one.4w3a4339

Joel’s very own Hakosuka. Simply Amazing, my favorite.4w3a43374w3a43344w3a43324w3a43304w3a43294w3a43194w3a43184w3a43174w3a4315

Joel Tan’s toyota trueno, greatness.4w3a4310

This Hachi Roku is incredibly clean.4w3a42994w3a42944w3a4291

Thank you.


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