At long last, I finally got a rare chance of shooting Karl’s one of a kind Evo IX. I’ve always been lets say, attractive to one of Mitsubishi’s leading Sports/rally inspired sedan. Unfortunately, it has been discontinued, ending in 2015 with the 10th Gen. Lancer Evolution X Final Edition. Now these magnificent machines are becoming a collector’s item for some or for most of us, including me. I am thinking of sourcing one out right now as well and so should you my fellow enthusiasts.

Let’s take a closer insight of Karl’s Evo IX by starting on the Exterior. Anyone that sees or gets a glimpse will surely be hypnotized by its magnificent and striking appearance.


Nothing but the best on Karl’s Evo IX, as you can see there are plentiful of goodies with the Voltex kit the wraps around the car. The mod lists are at the end of this article. The Voltex front bumper with the Voltex 3D endplates, wide fenders, overfender arches and finishing it off with the Voltex SPL Cyber Twin canards will surely make you slap yourself. As you’re already being hypnotized, just saying.


Oh and Karl included Varis kits with his Voltex kits. With all of this Vs I would call his car Voltes V, it’s a famous oldschool anime and one of my favorites as a kid. Anyways, as I was saying Karl added the Varis CF fender add-on, Varis window pilars, and the Varis Super Taikyu side skirt added on the existing Voltex side skirts.

On the rear side profile we have the Voltex wide quarter panels with the Voltex arches. You will see the Voltex rear diffuser on the following photos and the Voltex GT wing Type 5 1700mm. This car is gravity itself if you ask me.





Moving on at the back, here we can see a very smooth flow from the very unique OEM trunk custom with a CF CSL duckbill, as shown on the photo, all the way to the Voltex GT wing type 5 and all the way back down to the Voltex Diffuser.




You can see the full Voltex Front bumper with the CyberStreet lip and the Voltex wet CF bonnet. One of my favorite piece is the Ganador side mirrors, that too I am sourcing out for my S14. So far into the shoot I feel like I have to do a second part shoot. I am full but still hungry.




Me, Karl and bruce (future feature) are laughing about the U-Haul trucks being in the way of our shots but we didn’t mind it at all, it’s all about having fun and enjoying the company regardless of unnecessary obstacles.

Let’s dive into the hood and see what makes this a formidable beast. First thing you’ll notice is how well maintained and super clean engine bay is. Karl is also in the process of attaining more ponies from the 4G63 power plant, a turbo upgrade, E85 setup and so on… we will have to wait and witness its final form in the future (part II).







Truly a work of ART.


On the footwork side we have the Fortune Auto Coilovers with the Cup-kit System. An Endless Brake kit system will definitely stop this Evo IX on its tracks. It is always business before pleasure when it comes to Yokohama wheels, Karl chose the Advan GT Racing Gunmetal wheels wrapped with Toyo tires R888r, a meat lovers dream and of course it is bolted down and secured with the Project Kics R40 NeoChrome Lugs.



I took some closed-up shots to show how detail orientated Karl is with his build. These Ti bolts are just plain Magnificent. I think I need to step up on to details on my build a bit.






The good part is next, the interior. What’s all that downforce and power if you can’t stay still and feel safe. A 4 pt Takata harness with the Bride Gias II Lowmax seats will keep him in place for those apex attack.



Getting hands on some rare parts is always better than anything else, like my Advan RA3-DT wheels. Speaking of wheels, check out this Ralliart OMP Tommi Makinen Steering wheel simply timeless piece.


A Ralliart Cluster and the Ralliart Ti Pedals are fine pieces knowing you have something special.





A very nice touch is the custom Baid Polished Copper plated Cusco 6 pt rollcage. As you can tell Bride runs through the interior of the car with the gradation styling gives this interior a 10/10 in my books.



Very nice Do-Luck Floorbar.

As I conclude, I would like to thank Karl, Iana and Bruce for giving the time and chance to do what I love on my rarely free time. Until next time guys!



Mod List:


-Voltex Front Bumper with CyberStreet Lip​​
-Voltex GT Wing TYPE5 1700mm
-Voltex front side 3D endplate​​​
-Voltex Wide Front Fender
– Voltex Wide Rear Quarter Panel​​​
– Voltex Front/Rear overfender arches
– Voltex WetCF Bonnet
-Voltex Exhaust Heatshield​​​
– Voltex SPL cyber twin canards​​​
– Voltex SPL Cyber Sideskirt
– Top Secret Hoodlatch
-JDM Headlights/Taillights​​​
-JDM Rear Bumper
– Voltex Rear Diffuser ​​​
– Varis Window Pillar
– Varis cp9a Fender CF add-on
– Varis SuperTaikyu Side Skirt add-on
– Ganador Side Mirror
– Vortex Generator
– Ralliart CF shorty antenna
– Oem trunk with custom CF CSL duckbill

– Ralliart Shift Console Panel​​​​
– Ralliart Cluster​​​​​​
-Ralliart OMP Tommi Makinen SteeringWheel​
– Ralliart Rear View Mirror Cover​​​
– Ralliart Titanium Pedal
– Worksbell Shorthub
– Worksbell Steering Lock
– Worksbell Quick Release Rapflix II
– Custom BaidPolished Copper plated Cusco 6pt rollcage​​​
– Cusco CF add-on bars
– Do-Luck Floorbar
– ARC Burnt Finish Shift Knob
– Bride Floor Mat​ ​​​
-Takata Harness 4pt
– Bride Seats Gias II Lowmax​
– Custom Red FloorCarpet
– Bride fabrics(Armrest/Shiftboot/headliner)
– GruppeS 52mm Gauge Pod
– Prosport Gauges

– Advan GT racing Gunmetal Machining​​
-Project Kics R40 Neochrome
– Fortune Auto USA Coilovers with Cupkit system
– Endless Brake kit System inch up 6pot and 4pot
– Toyo Tires R888r 295/30/18 all around
Engine/Performance Mods:

– CustomTitanium intake pipe with HKS Mushroom Filter
-Kansai CF Intake Airbox​​
​- Tomei Exhaust Manifold
– ARC Intercooler
– ARC UICP with name plate​​
​- Tomei O2/sensor
​- Tomei Downpipe
– ETS test pipe
​- Nisei LICP
– Garage HRS Ti Dolphin Tip Exhaust​​
– Voltex Oilcooler duct
– ARC Radiator
– SunAuto Hypergrounding kit
– Custom BaidPolish copperplated Cusco Power Front PowerBrace
– Custom BaidPolish copperplated Cusco Under Brace
– Beatrush UnderCarriage Guard
– Carbing titanium Front Strutbar

Engine Bay Dress up:

– Kansai CF Sparkplug cover​
– STM radiator stay
-Garage HRS CF radiator shroud
-BaidPolished Hood Latch
– ARC Radiator cap​​​​
– HKS D1 Oil cap
– SamcoRadiator Hose
– ARC Ti Heatshield
– Titanium dress up bolts​​​​
– Tclamps
– Taylor Battery Relocator
Currently in the process of:

– E85 Dual Map setup (RC 1200 injectors; Fuel Pump)
– Turbo Upgrade (HKS GT-ii 7460r kai)
– HKS Cam, Valvesprings

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