Oh yes! Having to shoot Davids’s 1993 Honda Civic (EG6) was very nostalgic since I learned how to drive manual with the same car back when I was 14. Let’s have a quick look on David’s Eg6 shall we.

Looks pretty simple and clean right? Not quite, in fact this is his daily driven beast ready to attack anytime. I won’t waste any more time and let’s get into it.



Lets start with the footwork. Equipped with Tein coilovers, buddy club extended ball joints, PCI racing spherical rear trailing arm bushings, ASR rear subframe brace, front SI sway bar, rear ITR sway bar and energy suspension polyurethane bushings. That is some amazing suspension work making it handling the already nimble car.


The only addition on the exterior is a Carbon Fiber Spoon duckbill other than that its pretty much stock, for now. I admire this kind of setup and it truly shows the characteristics of the car.




I almost stop shooting and just stare at it or even drive it around the block a few times, I have the same build in-mind on my S14, check out some of my photos on my social media. All around is clean and smooth I wont elaborate on that any further.



On the inside we have a very special upgrade. A K-Tuned Racing shifter, I was surprised and fell more in love with the car.


Under the hood sits a K20/6 speed engine, man o’ man was it a blast riding in it. I can’t find the words, just let the photos and your imaginations do the talking.



Circuit Hero Front and rear strut brace means a very stiff chassis for those tight cornering destroying the apex.



What wheels would match perfectly on the car other than a 15×8 +35 Rays Gram Lights 57dr wrap with 205/50/15 Federal 595 rs-rr tires, you know how light this wheels are.





What ever build or project you are working on, don’t loose the drive that pushes you towards your goal. Yes things comes along the way but at the end of the day it is just you and only you who decides. “Hold the Vision, Trust the Process.”

I hope you enjoyed this short insight of David’s amzing civic I surely did. Check out my other articles okay.




Mod Lists:

  • k20/6 speed
  • K-tuned header
  • full 3″ exhaust
  • K-tuned race shifter
  • Rays gram lights 57dr 205/50
  • Federal 595 rs-rr tires
  • Hawk pads
  • Integra rear disc conversion
  • Extended studs
  • Spherical bushings ASR sub frame brace/sway bars
  • Rsx type s seats
  • Spoon cf duckbill
  • Tein coilovers
  • Buddy club extended ball joints
  • PCI racing spherical rear trailing arm bushings
  • ASR rear subframe brace
  • Front SI sway bar
  • Rear ITR sway bar
  • Energy suspension polyurethane bushings

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