☆wonder: 1986 Toyota Cressida

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Time flies by so fast and the automotive industries evolving, we, the rare breeds that still keep the Oldskool game alive. Jdm or not old cars or should say time capsules lol caters to a small group of enthusiast but largely adored by many. Everytime we see an old car that is cleanly kept passes by or parked, we just stop and nod and admire the work that has been done and maintenance that has made it through the decades and miles.

Now we shall witness one of the cleanest 1986 Toyota Cressida I’ve seen here in SoCal and it’s owned by Oscar. Shoutout to him for maintaining this beauty! Enjoy this one of a kind car. Thank you for stopping by also thank you to jgarage and the people at DTM Autobody for making this happen! Follow their social handles below.

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