Ladies and Gentlemen you’re about to witness a one of a kind super duper clean 1990 Nissan S13 coupe! This minty beauty is owned by Jesus from SoCal. The story goes, the car was on auction up in NorCal with only 3 photos to look at, so he decided to bid on it thinking nothing of it. A week later he was notified that he won the car! Can you believe that? And upon acquiring it to his surprise the car is so clean and complete that he decided to sell his completed S13 Hatch! So he could continue to build the car the way he envisioned it. To Jesus, he called it the Holy Grail of coupes. This is what I call OEM plus ultra! Lol you have to see it in person to appreciate it.

Get ready for a Heavy-Gallery so take your time and zoom in on all the photos! I love this car, makes me want to get back on a schassis, s13 coupe this time. Thank you and Enjoy!

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Mod list:

Silvia front end

Silvia s15 seats

Silvia trunk lock Do-luck chassis brace

OEM Nissan rain visors

NISMO LMGT4 wheels

17×9 +22

NISMO lug nuts

NISMO tension rod brace

NISMO motor mounts

NISMO oil cap

NISMO radiator cap

300zx brake conversion Kei office coil overs

OEM optional trunk trim

OEM color painted by JV auto body

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