Ark Movement presents: Autism Awareness

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An event with a great cause, with over 10k$ made to support Autism is truly a remarkable achievement. Even tho we are living through a tough pandemic, we will not be stop on making a positive impact on our community. Honestly I’m happy that Car Show events are starting to return slowly since the pandemic started. With all the safety measures we will be able to enjoy and have a blast with our family and friends, not just car shows but with every activities. Should I say “Plus Normal” lol

Anyways, I’m honored to be part of a great movement. Mike & Jay the founder of Ark Movement created something very special and unique and I’m glad that I got to know them and some of the awesome and cool members.

First of all I would like to apologize in advance if I didn’t manage to capture your ride. Gomen Nasai!! ..and to some of my friends that came and didn’t see me because there a ton of people that showed, I’m sorry lol. As some of you may know I run this blog and all of its contents alone so please be patient.

Thank you to all the sponsors and partners that made this event possible and to all that attended, thank you for bringing your awesome rides. Thank you Ark Movement for having me.

Let’s keep spreading positivity.

I hope you enjoy this special gallery. Please like and share and message me on Instagram so I can send specific photos. Well here we goooo!

Ps: Pinch Zoom on the photos for details.

Gear used for this event: Canon 5dmkiii (old but gold) canon 70-200mm f2.8 iii.

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