Finally got around on dropping this beauty here!I’m so honored to share Mike’s sexy GT86 build.

First of all, I just want to let you guys know that I didn’t stop doing this, I just took some time off during the pandemic to take care of my love ones and making sure everyone is safe. I hope you guys are safe as well.

Anyways, can you guess what bodykit is on Mike’s Gt86 is? Scroll down and feast your eyes to this beauty and you’ll know…

You guys can zoom in on the photos to see it better or turn your phone. Soon I will be uploading this set on my Flickr account for HD goodness!

Mike’s Instagram :

Gears I used on this shoot:

Canon 5d mkiii/// 70-200mm f2.8 l III & 35mm f1.4 l II

Mike’s Gt86 is equipped with the Karma Bodykit. This kit is very well made with the highest quality to make sure that your ride just receives good Karma lol. Also, those sexy RSV Forged wheels goes really well with it giving it a more aggressive look. What I think is next for Mike’s build? I say big horsepower! We will just wait and see.

I hope you guys enjoyed this special gallery. Oh, there will be a part 2 so stay tuned. Make sure to follow Mike and all of the people that is involved for making his ride so damn sexy! See you guys on the next one! Godbless and stay safe!

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