Mellow Yellow: Gerard’s Civic Si

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Hello, its been a while and I hope you guys are doing great! We should be back on our regular posts. It will be a slow process during this pandemic but I’ll provide you the best content possible. Nonetheless, let get right to it!

I now present to you this beautifully tuned Honda Civic Si owned by Mr. Gerard. On this gallery you will firstly fall in love with the color! Love it! with its subtle aesthetics will make you appreciate his build. The only aggressive part is the racing number, will surely let you know that he means business when the time comes and the driver too lol. So enjoy the gallery and share this beauty.

Thank you and live that beautiful life!

Gears used on this shoot:

Canon 5d mkIII

35mm 1.4 II

70-200mm 2.8 III

You can check out more of his build: Instagram

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