My very first S-Chassis event, after owning a S-Chassis myself for almost 3 years now, still new to the game, I will do my own write-up about my car in the near future. Anyways, waking up early Saturday morning thinking it will be packed since this event is held annually so I ate breakfast, gathered my gear and headed on out.

Halfway there I saw this white S13 (pictured below) rolling down the Highway, it was so rad the way it is set-up brings back the glory of the early 90s’ style. Convertible, body kit, 16 inch wheels, it is all swag like the ones from oldskool Option videos.


I arrived at the venue and the line was already around the block, there was about an hour left until the event starts. Seeing so many silvia’s makes me want to keep mine a little longer, each build was different from one another, the diversity was profound. While we waited for the go time, I wiped my car down and watched cars arriving from all street corners waiting for this day every year to show-off their builds or just simply show love for the S-Chassis.


Finally parked and super ready to shoot, as I went down a few cars there is one that really caught my eye and it was this white s13 hatch, simple but on the other hand it was an eye magnet especially the wheels, I love rare hard to find wheels. This reminded me of the racing era of Group A, I think that was the owners vision. If I a hatch it will look equally this good, props to the owner.



Walking around the compound I came across @Ziptietech_rivals ‘s Big Wang zenki! very clean. I’m loving the new Navan front bumper, I was thinking of swapping to navan too, we will see. I can’t wait for the next evolution of his S14.



One of the sponsors of the event is Zestino tires. Tho, I’m not to familiar with their products but I heard a lot of positive feedbacks and that’s enough for me to consider them for future products and just take a look at their S14 build, action speaks louder than words, gorgeous.





The unity of this community is very strong, no matter what schassis you drive we are all one with the same passion.




There is something about S13’s that I love so much, not that I don’t love my S14, maybe its the pop-up headlights, the Type X body really has captured me. Who wants to trade haha. Very beautifully done, everything just flows right.



Annnd a S15! rarely we see this unicorn here, I thought it was a S14.5 front conversion but it wasn’t. Lets move to Canada guys haha.







@dannyk1m ‘s track beast S13! his car it’s all business, well-balanced all around, must be really nice attacking those lap-times. The Nismo Lmgt4 wheels! did I mention I was a wheel guy. Oh and I’m really digging the Ronin windshield banner, I bet he cuts through corners like a katana.


I always had a soft spot for s13 silvias.




There were a good number of Kouki’s that showed up, I’m thinking most of them were conversions so save the zenki’s guys, nonetheless I love them, with their more aggressive look makes the kouki one of the best looking front end of any car, almost pulled the trigger myself.



This is the type of shade of a blue that I want if I ever change color.



I love 3-spoked wheels.


This kouki looked like it rolled right out from a showroom floor. This is a rarity now for the S-Chassis community factory everything and their value might go up in the future, I hope.



@dreambreaker ‘s is one that I call built not bought, just look at the details of this car. His car was featured on Speedhunters, I enjoyed reading the article and all of the shots taken of the car. Go check it out, give him support and lets wait and see what’s next.


I hope you enjoyed my simple write-up and photos, nothing fancy just sharing my love for the S-Chassis and all enthusiasts. Shoutout to @socal_schassis for hosting this great event, all that attended and all the sponsors, to me it’s special since it was my first time and I’m still learning more about S-Chassis.








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