It was about 6:05pm Saturday, when we arrived at this spectacular event. I’m on a rush chasing the sun because it was about to go night-night. Since I barely use flash, natural light was the only thing I have. As the elevator door opened, loud music, revving and the smell of rubber was there to welcome me. Walking pass multiple car builds, I told myself that I don’t have enough time and just shoot cars that are pleasing to me. Anyways enjoy!

Carbon Fiber wheels anyone? Equipped on a beautifully done Subaru.

Cambered Silvia. -9000appreciate those who supports you. Jgarage’s Mitsubishi Evo X. I will be covering his car real performance from various artist and entertainers. The venue was ‘lit!Did I mentioned Carbon Fiber everything? Well this Evo X was literally Carbon Fiber.All types of lifestyle was present. This Bosozoku/Kyusha Nissan Maxima was a delightful to see.An Evo IX that will be covering in the near future.I love nostalgic automobiles, they give out a very special aura that nothing can replace.RWB Porsche. An Amazing engineering combined with Nakai-san’s visions.It was a great event, even tho I didn’t have much time to spare and take more amazing photos. Until the next event. Cheers!

-stay Golden

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