Silver X Bullet.

No need for formalities here. Its presence is enough for you to be aware and be intimidated. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X is the last generation of its kind. Sadly, they stop production and the last version is called the Final Edition has been sold already, so no more brand new Evos.

A prime example of mitsubishi’s engineering prowess is Mr. Liwag ‘s Silver X. With upgrades all over the car, you’ll first notice the JDM goodness Varis front bumper with V2 lip.

The only wheels that I would consider for the X is no other than the infamous Volk Racing TE37.

Mr. Liwag’s fitment of choice are 18×9.5 et22 OG Bronze and yes, there are more aggressive fitments out there, but I think this one particular size is the ideal spec for an Evo X. Wrap in 275/35/18 Accelera Tires mmmm beefy. As for suspension setup, he went with Endless Zeal coilovers and it means business.

Locked in with red Formula Rays lugnuts that really matches the factory Big Brembo caliper brake system.

Moving on to the interior you’ll will first notice the Bride low max (zeta gias) Kevlar reclinable seats with bride railings. Of course got to have the Takata harness to keep Mr. Liwag from moving around the cockpit while on time attack mode.

While attacking S-turns in above normal speeds which makes the car flex so much that it’ll loose controllability and stability, it is reinforced with a Cusco 6 point Roll Cage and even that’s not enough so Mr. Liwag added a pair of Cusco Monkey bars. Talk about a pretty stiff chassis and of course safety.

Mr. Liwag’s beast is fueled by e85 (ethanol fuel blend) carrying 2 Vp racing fuel jug means this car is packing.  

With all that force pushing the car forward and all that G-Force around corners, a Voltex Type 5 GT wing is added for more stability keeping it planted and cornering control is enhanced. 

With all said and done I asked Mr. Liwag on what’s his future plans for his car. He said he will focus on aero. We will see what the future holds for his beautiful X.

-keep moving forward. 

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