☆wonder: Toyota Corolla “TE86”

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Alright! My first TE72 corolla gallery besides mine and man this machine is such a beauty! Me and Kuya Keone aka “TE86” because why not, you’ll know why lol. Anyways we finally linked up after a few attempts before due to our schedule. Finally made it happen when my buddy Mr. Dan with the master plan (s14) told me about this event. It was a great turn out with great cars, even brought my Dad along, met with few friends from LA too. Shout out to the event host for brining car enthusiasts from different builds to get together and have fun!

Hope you will enjoy this gallery, I want to feature more oldskool rides such as this one. Thank you for visiting! Thanks Kuya for letting me shoot your baby! God Bless!

Follow his build below:

Mod list:

1982 Toyota Corolla

4AGE 16V with 272 cam

MK2 Supra seats

100mm fenders flares

Southern Ways Epsilon reverse mesh 14×9

Custom high rise headers

AE86 Godspeed coilovers

Megan exhaust

Megan Racing Front Tension Rods

Megan Racing Rear Links

Megan Racing Rear Lateral Rods

Gear used: Canon 5dmkiii, 70-200mm, 24-70mm, 35mm

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