★wonder: 1987 HR31 “Boss” Nissan Skyline GTS

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Finally, my first Kaido racer to be featured here and hopefully not the last. Super thanks to this awesome guy, Wild★Cards member Raul “Rawloo” for letting me have a go on his 1987 Nissan HR31 Skyline GTS Boss Coffee Edition lol. He owned this amazing car for 3 years and man o’ man this thing is a beauty! The first time I knew about the R31 was when I saw the Super Silhouette while playing Gran Turismo 2 it is one of my favorite cars, it is just so different and unique. All the little details on his HR31 has a soul and uniqueness to them that makes the car have character, that is why I’m very fond of old cars especially jdm. You will see what I’m referring to as for little details.

Also, Rawloo had his HR31 Skyline wrap in a very astonsihing livery. If you are not familiar with Boss coffee then you will now, it’s by Santory brewing company based in Japan and now available here in the states. Also one of my favorite canned coffee drinks. You’ll feel like a Boss.

If you follow Rawloo on his social media, his previous wrap was a Calsonic livery, that was very epic and I missed it lol. Hopefully on his next livery I will be able to shoot it again. Won’t say much but I’m excited on his next phase of the car. Oh I’m lucky to have parked my 81 corolla next to his skyline. Thanks again!

Anyways, this gallery will showcase the very spirit-essence of Japanese car culture, kyusha “old car” lifestyle. I hope you guys enjoy the photos as I too really enjoyed it very much. Thanks for coming by!

Make sure to follow his social media.

Gears used:

Canon 5dmkiii

Canon 24-70mm f4 is, 35mm f1.4 II, 70-200mm f2.8 III is

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