For every car enthusiast there is some kind of back story to their build or project, an inspiration so to speak. Whatever the reasons are you will know that they will put their heart and soul to achieve that goal. As for Dan, you will surely be inspired and appreciate what went into building his GR Supra.

I saw Dan’s Supra at the Ark Movement Autism awareness event that I covered recently. I was totally in love with his car, I know for sure the amount of time and resources that went into his car are nothing compared to his reason on why he built it. So I messaged him through social media to try and connect. Let me tell you, he is one of the nicest car guy I’ve met, totally humble and cool at the same time.

Finally got the opportunity to have a his car featured and let me tell you it got me very excited! With a car of this caliber will make anyone feel like an excited kid buying his first toy car.

So let me give you some of Dan’s story. After a health condition, he decided to built the Supra for his son Daryn to leave him something that he is passionate about. I know that Dan is a fighter and will continue his journey fighting to fulfill his dreams with his son and live that Beautiful Life. For more details you have to watch Driving Cody on YouTube to watch more of his build and his story. Follow the link below.

Driving Cody: Dan’s A90 Supra

Anyways, I drank my Bang energy-drink and off I go doing what I love, shooting cars and sharing other people’s automotive passions. Honestly, I didn’t know where to start shooting and so I just went with what I feel is good. It didn’t matter what or who is around me when I shoot, I zone out. Popped my AirPods for some music and the rest is history.

I know you guys will enjoy this special gallery of a Father and Son’s ride! once again thank you and stay safe.


HKS widebody, Streethunter carbon fiber wing. FT Speed roof spoiler. Air Lift Performance 3H system, HKS catback exhaust system, AFE downpipe, FTP charge pipe and intake piping. Pure 800 turbo, Tuned by Delicious Tuning on ECUTEK. Custom 3 pieces HRE 540 wheels wrap with Michelin PS4S.
NV SPECIALTIES carbin fiber interior pieces.
The entire car is coated with Cquartz Finest Reserves by EliteFinish Detailing.

Ps: for mobile pinch zoom to see up close.

Gear used on this shoot: Canon 5d mkiii (beast), canon 70-200mm 2.8, canon 35mm 1.4

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