The go to platform for all car enthusiasts, the Toyota GT86 or previously known as the Scion FRS is the perfect car if you are new to the scene or just wants a simple RWD car with superior handling with a plethora of aftermarket parts making it a perfect canvas as your heart desires.

Lets take a closer look at Renzy’s super-duper clean GT86. Arriving at the meeting spot I was amazed of how clean and well maintained the car was, I mean the little details just caught my attention. You cant help but stare and adore this beauty.

We went to a few spots, the first one was at an industrial area, you can never go wrong with that locale. The cool part was people were still working at that time that we were shooting, it didn’t bother them in fact they were giving nice and good comments. 

The security went by as well but he was cool as long as we don’t commit a “takeover” you know the people trying to get attention doing stupid things that potentially hurt others. Anyways, for some reason the sun was going down fast so, we decided it’l be awesome that we head to GReddy HQ and take some cool shots by the name since Renzy is Rocking the Rocket Bunny kit on his GT86.

And we arrived at GReddy HQ and I ask Renzy if he can ask the people that were there if we can use their ramp right under the GReddy name, and fortunate enough they said yes! awesome people. As Renzy was maneuvering and setting up for a few light-painting shots we met Sam Du from Super Street! We were stoked that we finally got to meet him, it was so random tho, surprised and of course happy. 

After a few shots we talked to Anthony from GReddy about car stuff of course and a few moments have passed we decided to call it a day. I was satisfied of how the shoot went with Renzy and his awesome ride, I would shoot his car anytime.

In closing, enjoy the short video I took and of course the photos down below and please like and share if you can it really helps me give you guys content like this. So I thank you.

On to the next shoot! we will never know what will happen or who are we going to encounter next. I just want to say that just keep doing what you love and everything will fall into place.  

I didn’t know he had an underglow, so Rad!!
The rear silhouette, amazing. 
One of my Favorite Light Painting so far!

I sometimes ask myself what i’m feeling while looking at some of the photos.
I really love this shot with just light accents.
Looking at this angle shows how pristine and week done the car is.

There is something about this angle…
The interior is super clean as well.
I bet those seats kept him so comfortable while driving all the way from San Diego.
Can never go wrong with a side profile.
Some people say shooting cars this low pov is a no go, I say fk it and go for it.
The sunset reflects the car’s soul.
Flares are on point.
Flares peeking just behind the sexy front bumper.
This has so much feels.
Another low shot.
Mid shot.
Those meaty tires tho and look at how flushed it is with the Rocket Bunny Fenders.
Homage to the AE86.
I love shooting in industrials.
Give him a follow guys.
A closed up shot of the Work wheels.
So dreamy..
Taking that turn hard?
This should be a nice wallpaper or printed canvas right?…maybe next year it’ll be included with my packages.
One with nature.
I love colors.

Mod Lists:

Tomei UEL Header
Tomei Overpipe 
Tomei Frontpipe
Greddy Evolution GT Catback
Delicious Tuning Flex Fuel

Airlift 3P 
Voodoo Trailing Arms
Gtspec control arms
Works VSSS 
Toyo Proxes Tires
Whiteline Adjustable Sway bar
R1 Concepts Brakes and Rotors

Nurspec Front Lip
Rocketbunny V1 kit
Innovated Dynamics Carbon Fiber Trunk
Seibon Carbon Fiber Hood
Spec D Headlights
Valenti Revo Tailights 
Valenti 4th Brake light

Braum Racing Seats
Sparco Racing Harness
Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
Custom shift boot and ebrake boots
Flossy shift knob

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