A love between its owner and machine has come a long way. Here is a sample of that passion built Toyota 86. Let us take a closer look of Dan’s simple and effective build. We all know how well this car handles and for the power? it is a 50/50, some says its fine and some says it needs about 50hp more and it will be perfect, to me it’s totally fine in stock power but if I were to track it every other weekend I would add a little bit more power. Anyways, please meet Dan and his GT86.




You can never go wrong with black on black setup and the stance is really what got me loving it more. The perfect stance if you ask me, not to low and not too high. I like other styles but this is more of my cup of tea. Form and Function, just look at it.




The handling is enhanced by Tein Flex coilovers, taking those tight corners with confidence. Of course it is accompanied with the Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57CR, track ready on the daily.




We took a coffee break and just relaxed for a bit. All I got to say is, if I had a chance to have a GT86 I would get one, this thing looks good even parked. After finishing my caramel machiatto we were ready for an another set.



Although Dan’s GT86 is still in the early stages, we can assure that he is going in the right direction. With all his supporting mods will surely take him to his goal.




After finding some cool spots around the area we decided to continue the shoot some other time since we have a very tight schedule. But soon after we had a chance to do a morning shoot with friends on one Sunday morning.




This thing is loud, blame it on the Tomei UEL headers with a muffler delete. You can feel and hear the FA20 boxer engine come to life. He doesn’t need to call when he is close by, you know it is him miles away. It sounds good tho nonetheless. Talk about waking up the neighborhood.



Dan’s GT86 was a refreshing shoot for me, it makes you appreciate more of the person behind the build, putting every thought and vision to it. I mean, some of us can relate on how expensive our hobbies are right? So I respect him for that, slowly but surely. Oh yeah, I have yet to light paint his new setup so, we will be having an another session. Well, when our schedules falls on our non-busy schedule we will shoot again. I keep striving to learn more about cars and be good at writing articles like this. So please bear with me.

This concludes my insight on Dan’s GT86, for now.  Enjoy the rest of the photos.











Mod Lists (current):

-OFT Stage 2 Tune

-Custom Magnetic Oil Cap

-Greddy Magnetic Drain Plug

-Cusco Oil Catch Can

-High Performance Stage 2 Exedy Clutch with Lightweight Flywheel

-Tomei UEL Headers

-Remark Exhaust Muffler Delete with Titanium Blue Torched Tips


-Rays Engineering Gram Lights 57CRs 18×9.5 +38

-Spec-D headlights

-Sequential Valenti Tail lights

Future Upcoming Mod List(not complete lists):

⁃ Full Wilwood or R1 Concepts Brake Kit System (Cobalt Blue)

⁃ Full Expreme Tomei Exhaust Single Exit

⁃ Full Blown Garret or Crawford Turbo Charger

⁃ Mishimoto Intercool and Oil Cooler with upgraded Mishimoto Radiator Hoses

⁃ Upgraded Mishimoto Radiator Fans

⁃ KW V3 Coilovers/ Whiteline Sway Bar Kit/ Whiteline Toe and Control Arms/ Whiteline Strut Tower Brace

⁃ Whiteline Subframe Mount Bushings

⁃ Half-Cage built by RAD Industries

⁃ Stage 2-4 High Performance Exedy Clutch

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