Seeing this up close was like a dream, finally the Civic Type-R was available on US soil. I was lucky enough to have met Ben along with his Rally Red Type-R on the day one of my friend Jon, hosted an event promoting their products and services on one beautiful Sunday evening. Also, I met cool, chill, enthusiasts and photographers at the gathering. There was nothing but positive vibes all through the night. I couldn’t wait for this day to come and do a little insight for this awesome machine.

The Civic Type R, it went on sale on June of last year, making it the first time the Civic Type R name, available for us all car lovers out there. With that said, let’s take a closer look on Ben’s Type R.


Even tho its pretty much stock, it doesn’t mean that it wont tear up the track. Take a look at the lap record it made on the Nurburgring. Just by its name will make you think twice about going against it. Those aggressive lines and that one mean front profile will leave an imprint on your mind.



The aerodynamics you see is all functional and not just for aesthetics. Carefully engineered and tested while making it as gorgeous as possible. The fins or vortex generator just looks insane and it goes well with its rear spoiler. While I’m here waiting for it to transform or something, it is indeed visually striking and I can’t get enough of it especially the Rally Red paint.



Also the triple-tip exhaust was the talk of the town asking why or what does it do. Well it basically it controls the noise and droning while driving at highway speeds. Yet you can still hear the 2.0-litre turbocharged K20C1 screaming its 300+ hp subtlely in your face when you smash your foot on the accelerator.




This close-up shot I took of the front side reminds me of one of my favorite anime series Gundam, the side air dam looks similar to the Gundam RX-73. I just imagined it getting wrap with the same color schematics, that will be a sight to see.




The Type-R badge looking so beautifully while the sun sets on the horizon. Doesn’t it gives you some type of feeling? it did for me. I would’ve drove it while I had the chance, I’ll ask Ben next time when we hang out again.




The front and back profile looks so good. I like how wide and sexy it is, not too much and not too less. Imagine adding a wide body kit on it, nah. It is perfect the way it is, but if it looks good with it on then go for it. I wonder if Rocket Bunny, Varis or Voltex will make a bodykit for the Type-R.



As the sun sets, the Rally Red Type-R comes to life. It contrasts amazingly with the sunset. We did a few rolling-shots, it was getting pretty dark so I was in a hurry to capture that one okay roller shot, I think I did pretty good.





Here’s a quick shot of the engine bay and interior, only minor changes on the bay, wrapping the intake pipe with 24k gold foil for added bling, just kidding it’s just heat wraps, keeping the airflow nice and cool. In the interior we see just how everything accommodates each other, the red and black theme and also the CF garnish/accessories. The Type-R emblem with the serial number reminds the owner of how special it is to own one of the legendary performance machine. No matter what the Serial number says, you have the emblem and you own it, now that’s something special and a dream come true.



The Hot Hatch in one of my favorite shots to take.


This is just the beginning for Ben, I can’t wait what he’ll do to his Type-R next. Of course I will be keeping an eye to whenever his dream build is finished, will definitely do a part 2. I hope you enjoyed my little insight on Ben’s Type-R, I personally did. One thing that I thought of while capturing Ben’s Type-R is that we have to keep moving to whats best for us. We only have one life so just enjoy and keep all negativity your fuel to move closer to your dream humbly. Here’s a few more photos 🙂










-ouR Dream

List of Mods:

Eibach Springs

K&N Air Filter

VMR Wheels.

Future plans:

Exhaust and Tune

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