One of Nissan’s flagship automobiles, the Nissan Fairlady Z (Z33) or in the states it’s called the 350z, this is the 5th Generation of the Z family. A sports car that is loved by many.

Now I would like to introduce to you Jon’s very own creation using the Z33 as a platform. As an aspiring Chef, you’ll know he is not done with his 2006 350z build, gathering all the high-quality ingredients(parts), hoping on making one of the best Dish out there. For a moment, he seems like the main protagonist from the anime/manga Toriko, if you havent checked that out you should. You’ll know what I am talking about.

Anyways, let us go and check out his build through my perspective and admire the Z as it sits under an overpass and parking structure.





First thing you’ll notice is the color, the Chameleon finish gives this Z a unique and beautiful character. Covering this car was a blissful experience, no matter what angle I’m shooting from it gave me satisfaction.

Second thing is the stance, as a car enthusiast we know there is no way he drives around with a ride height like that. Surely enough you are right, he is riding on an air suspension by Air-Lift. As you can see he is all aired out from the photos.





Rolling 20s? no problem.



The Z has a distinctively low and wide rear end.


It effortlessly flows from front to back and vise-versa.



As the sun settles down on the horizon the color gets better and better, with every minute passes by, it transitions to one shade of color to another, just magnificent. With the Z’s sexy curves and lines it shows the appeal of the car.




Let’s look at some of the modifications shall we. On this photo you’ll see an invidia Gemini Exhaust system giving that VQ35 a nice growl and it also sits nicely by the Diffuser.



This Drift-Dialects duck-bill rear spoiler adds character to the already sexy body of the Z, Flows very nicely with Type Zero side splitters and the ViS V2 body kit. With that in mind it will surely a neck breaker.




Evening has arrived and we are not done, as we settle for ambient lighting Jon’s Z is even more lively, it shows more details.






Not much has been done on the interior other than subtle accessories, nice and clean.



…and comes the end on our shoot. That wraps it up, thank you for taking the time, effort, reading and enjoying my piece.

I just want to share one advise to you guys.

With our individuality, it makes us who we are and to that it manifests to whatever we do, like, and where our visions takes us. Remember, it only takes one individual to change your life, it did to me personally. With that in mind, let us continue and let no one or anything stops us from achieving what is soon to be ours.


Something smells good!



-bon appétit


Mod List:

  • Berk test pipe.
  • invidia Gemini exhaust.
  • Air-lift Suspension.
  • AEM intake.
  • ESR Wheels.
  • Drift-Dialect Spoiler.
  • APR Splitter.
  • ViS V2 Bodykit.
  • Type Zero side splitters.

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