One of the sought out cars in the automotive industries. The Honda NSX or here in the states is called the Acura NSX is pretty much on anyones top lists of cars to own, I know it’s on my list. Mid-Shipped V6 engine with an all aluminium body makes this car a Legend of the 90’s and beyond, you’ll know when you have driven one.

A friend of mine was about to “finish” his own master creation and decided to bring it out to a local enthusiast gathering one night for the fellow friends. So what did I do? shoot it of course. I wanted to be one of the first individuals to lay eyes on this gorgeous creation and take the first few shots of it, We actually arrived late that night with prior affairs. I was thankful to be able to shoot it despite the late hours and thankful for the people who waited for me. My family was with me for support.

As I prepped my gear, I realized that I had forgotten my tripod for long exposure shots and for light painting, good thing I had my fast-lens with me and the venue had bright light posts to be able to compensate with the lighting situations, there’s nothing stopping me to miss this opportunity. As I dialed in my settings I began to scout the area of attack and began shooting.

Mr. Fob’s NSX was ready.


The aggressive wide-body from Kyushu Danji with a Voltex rear over fenders will make you stop in your tracks and be mesmerized by its sheer beauty and details hits your pleasing eyes and on top of that the color, its one of my favorite paint colors, Midnight Purple 3. I did a cover of a Toyota Altezza with the same paint color, go check it out after you’ve enjoyed this write-up.


Outback, an APR custom rear GT-Spoiler, goes very well with its custom rear diffuser and an I’ms rear bumper, making the total track inspired package, very much tells you how detail orientated Mr. Fob is with his builds. Oh also the carbon fiber roof, hood and rear window.



My favorite part of his build besides the bodykit was these amazing custom-made carbon fiber fender louvers, I always try to find the finest details hidden at first glance.


JGTC headlight covers.



This Signal auto JGTC carbon fiber Snorkel is a rare piece indeed making this NSX more and more desirable if you know what I mean. Craft Square side mirrors is a must for any track inspired builds and the only upgrade if I was to modify my silvia’s(s14) side mirrors.



Finishing up the shoot I notice a single lit lightbulb in the interior of the parking structure, it looked so good with the NSX right under it. If only I had my tripod haha, but its all worth it with or without it, moving on.







As I was finishing up the final shots for Mr. Fob’s NSX, I couldn’t help to think how will this NSX will look like for the next time I will see this beauty, until after two weeks at WEKFEST Car show event held at Long Beach.



This huge Dry Carbon Splitter will surely split the wind around this NSX.


Finally WEKFEST 2017 has arrived, I’m excited to see what changes were made on the car. First thing I noticed as I approach Mr. Fob’s NSX was the wheels, it was upgraded from OG’ TE37 to TE37v MKII. Fitment is 18×9.5 front and 18×12 rear and of course what tires will go with it non other than the TOYO R888 255/35 front and 335/30 rear so meaty!




I’m loving the Takata livery on the NSX because race car. I don’t need to explain that any longer. I forgot what the Japanese characters meant but I know it says something awesome. As for the footwork, this NSX is equipped with CKS coilovers, Taitec sway bars, Type R sway bars, Poly bushings, Rb Big brake kit for the front/rear and a custom rear camber arms. It really brings the true stance of the car. Ready to attack anytime.


Now into the cockpit, you’ll notice the cluster was replaced with a S2000 digital cluster, pretty cool. With Recaro ASM seats bolted down on Taitec seat rails and brackets. Cusco 4 point roll cage.







The show was a good turn out, I will be doing a separate write-up on the event itself, featuring several wonderful builds. As the Sun sets on the horizon, the perfect lighting for any shoot, I took the chance and capture the essence of the NSX’s timeless engineering. With the support of all the sponsors and the abundant of parts available for the NSX, this will definitely test the course time. We will see what brings the future for Mr. Fob’s NSX, for the mean time let us embrace and just adore this beautifully build of a dream machine.



Will this have a part 3 update shoot? Time will tell. All I know that Mr. Fob is not finished and I cant wait to see the “FINAL” Step on this build. To me its perfect the way it is now. Let us be inspired to create what we want to achieve and chase greatness.



-Plus inspire



NSX Spec(not updated):

Kyushu danji Widebody
Midnight purple 3 paint job
Custom front dry carbon splitters
Kyushu danji rear quarter panels
Voltex rear over fender
I’ms rear bumper
Carbon fender louvers
Carbon fiber roof
Custom carbon fiber hood
2002 headlights conversion
Jgtc headlight cover
Jdm rear tailights
APR custom rear GT spoiler
Jdm custom rear diffuser
Carbon fiber rear window
Signal auto snorkel
Craft square mirror
Custom jgtc rear led tails
Custom carbon side skirt
Ferrari side markers
Titanium front tow hook
Rear back up camera
Shave door key holes
Shave mirror holes

3.2 na2 engine swap
Na2 6speed transmission
Vortech V3 custom supercharger
Custom water to air cooler
Custom oil cooler
Vortech blow off valve
Os giken twin disk clutch
Engine fully built by SOS
Tilton proportioning valve
Taitec headers
Type r valve cover
Short shifter
Custom exhaust
RC 650cc injectors
AEM infinity full stand alone
Hks filter
Taitec test pipe
Full AC delete
Custom radiator
Dual fal fans
Custom radiator stay
Full abs delete
Full front wiretuck
OS Giken LSD and
lower 4.4 final gear ratio
Ported intake manifold and viss delete
Baffled oil pan
ARC catch can
CKS coilover
Stance air cups
Rb big brake kit upgrade front and rear
Taitec sway bars front and rear
Polyurethane bushings
Custom rear camber arms
Type R sway bar

Full redone leather interior with white stiching
Radio delete
Suade headliner
S2000 cluster
Spa technique racing gauges
Keys racing steering wheel
Worksbell flip up
ASI detachable hub
Carbon fiber center console
Hks boost controller
Hks knock amp
Jdm Honda navigation
Recaro ASM seats with taitec seat rails/bracket
Cusco 4point roll cage
Takata harness
Takata gell pads
Glove box delete with carbon fiber
SOS short shifter
Custom titanium knob

Wheel and tires
Te37 Markll 18×9.5 front 18×12 rear
Extended lug nuts front and rear
Amuse lug nuts
Toyo r888 335/30/18 and 255-35-18

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