Mr. Quizon’s WRX is one of the cleanest and I think the most gorgeous WRX I’ve seen. Yes, there are many other beautiful WRX builds out there but, this one is the one that I like. If I’d own a Subaru, Everything flows.

Considering that Mr. Quizon’s Subaru was picked by Spec D Tuning for SEMA 2017 we are surely to expect something great and I can’t wait, So what you see now will be the last of its visioned build and I will be waiting for the final SEMA build to be unveiled later this year.

Without further adue…

First thing you’ll notice is the very aggressive front end, yet very much functional. Carbon fiber lip, Aeroflow canards, combined with a carbon fiber splitter with Fly 1 Motorsports protector and splitter rods gives this WRX one hell of character. Kind of looks like a Gundam to me to be honest. 

Of course what better to support that frontal downforce with a Voltex GT wing to keep all four wheels clawing its way through time. Mr. Quizon tracks his WRX not just for show.5hp for each decal, that saying has been a tradition, it’s nothing negative at all. To top it off Mr. Quizon decided to put a excerpt from the bible which is a very reminding to us from the rough world we live in today, spreading positive messages to the masses.Moving to the interior of the car, basically nothing has been changed besides the Sparco seats for stability on the track and a Varis shift knob. With Corbeau harness to keep Mr. Quizon from dancing around while going full throttle on the corners.18×10 +39 Volk Racing Te37-rt mag blue on all four corners wrapped in 265/35 Toyo Proxes for that excellent gripping. Bolted down with  Muteki lug nuts. Just beautiful.An invidia N1 racing exhaust giving the Boxer engine with a Mishimoto intake a very nice aggressive growl. Tuned with Cobb accessport.all in all, this one hell of a package, show and go. I can’t wait for SEMA 2017 to arrive. I’m pretty sure Mr. Quizon’s WRX won’t look like this when that time arrives. I will definitely do an update.


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