The Subaru BRZ. 

When I first heard that Toyota and Subaru joined together to build a sports car everyone got very excited because its been a while since we had a nice new rear wheel drive sports car platform from Toyota and a first for Subaru. Finally in 2012 they released the first generation that sold like hot pancakes.

Until now it has been served as the go to sports coupe for the masses with unlimited aftermarket support worldwide, innovating and upgrading. I know this will continue for a very long time.

A great example is none other than Mr. Bacud’s very own Subaru BRZ. 

At first glance, you’ll notice how very clean and simple this BRZ looks and you are right, no rocket bunny here or chassis mounted wing, maybe not for now. 

That bright light you see is a bulldog light bar, purpose? I don’t really know but I’m pretty sure it’s for those midnight touge runs.

A Skunk2 coilovers keeps this boxer in control around the corners while looking good but let me tell you it’s pretty darn stiff even on the softest settings.

Nothing was done out back just keeping everything fairly stock. Yet simple, it’ll turn heads at first notice.

Blue and Gold goes well together, if you know how to balance it out.

Nothing too fancy here, Mr. Bacud added his own touch with red led accent lighting, putting gold finishes onto some panels gives this interior a pretty unique one.

Rolling on 18×9.5 Vordoven Forme 9s in bronze gives this BRZ character. You can never go wrong with bronze wheels.

Takata harnesses for track ready situations. While keeping the factory belts for daily use.

The combination of the UEL Borla Headers and an invidia N1 exhaust system surely makes the boxer engine rumble more. The feeling you get redlining through the gears just gives you excitement.

All in all I enjoyed Mr. Bacud’s BRZ, he mentioned many plans for his ride but I won’t disclose it here, that’s yet to come on future coverage. 

-Appreciate the build.

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