The Honda(Acura) NSX (na1, na2).

Looking at this car really brings back the good ol’days from the 90’s era. When Neon Windbreakers, Pogs, Talk-Boy (Home Alone) and Tamagotchi are the way to go with everyday life, just mentioning a few.

The NSX is equipped with a mid-shipped 3.0L V6 all aluminum engine producing 270 hp and 210 lb-ft torque with an all aluminum body to come with it.

Equipped with the classic flip headlights you know your driving a retro awesome car, like the Toyota MR2 and the C4 Corvette just to name a couple. It gives that slick aggressive body and aerodynamic styling.

Seeing this car in person I told myself that someday I will have one. The owner of this NSX is Mr. Macayan a cool and chill dude. I really like his taste and what he did to his car. It shows the majestic body lines that the Honda engineers had created, adding Macayan’s own style makes this NSX a one of a kind sports car. 

My final thoughts- take care of it and it will last forever.

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