☆insight: Kevin’s Toyota Altezza.

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Let me just say this, Daily Driven. That’s right folks, considering how much work was put in to this magnificent machine. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the custom Midnight Purple III, I didn’t even know they have level three, so majestic.

After a few minutes of admiring you’ll notice the authentic Vertex S-Endurance front bumper with Lang Canards. The authentic Wald fender flares accommodates the aggressive 18×9.5 fronts to a 18×10.5 Volk Racing Magnesium Blue CE28N wrap in Toyo proxes T1R Sport tires, secured by Project Kics r40 Neo Chrome lugs, talk about baller status.

Moving on with Authentic JP Vizage side skirts giving it a smooth line all the way to the Chargespeed Vortex Generator. Oh yeah almost forgot about the rare Ganador Super mirrors. Just the name you know what’s up. As you notice from the photos, you’ll see a wing mount, now what kind of wing suited for a sedan of this caliber? Well, it’s no ordinary wing you pick up locally. Drum roll… A Voltex Type 5 V mount GT wing of course. It’ll put serious down force and stability on corners at high speeds.

Let me add the Altezza front mesh grille and Altezza window visors.

The Altezza sits on a Fortune Auto 500 Coil Overs. A Hotchkis front/rear sway bars to reduce chassis flex, added the JiC Magic underbraces with Figs Mega Arms and End Links. Very well controlled indeed. Of course what’s all that control if the driver isn’t controlled either right? Don’t worry Kevin is well seated on Bride Stradia 2, buckled down with Takata 4 point harness. Shifting through gears, you have to feel it with some hard to find and expensive ARC brushed shift knob.

Under the hood sits a fairly modified 2jzge. Mostly bolt on since this particular engine is by far reliable and built like a tank. With Figs Heatshield, incresing air flow with a K&N intake, high revving moments you’ll hear the engine from a Megan Y-pipe all the out from a Greddy Evo 2 Exhaust. 

This car is what I call a yin&yang, it’s well balanced suited for daily and track. We all know Kevin’s car is not done, he might add more Hp, cosmetics, accessories who knows. All I can say is he sure has a lot of taste, good taste. I hope to do another photoshoot of this car in the near future it won’t be the same I’ll tell you that. For the time being let’s just appreciate and enjoy. 

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